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Product Code Recommended Alternates
BT-80-02 BT-870-TP-SLIM
BT-80-03 BT-870-TP-SLIM
SK-97-TP EKS-97-TP
SL-86-911 SL-86-911-TP-USB
SL-86-911-TP SL-86-911-TP-USB

At WetKeys, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of iKey’s premium keyboards and peripherals that are ideal for demanding environments where durability and cleanliness are essential. Our partnership with iKey allows us to provide customers with top-of-the-line rugged keyboards and computer mice that meet the highest standards for hygiene and performance.

When it comes to industries like healthcare, industrial, public safety, fleet and military sectors, iKey keyboards are widely recognized for their superior quality and reliability. With features such as sealed, waterproof designs, iKey keyboards are engineered to withstand rigorous cleaning procedures without compromising functionality.

From medical facilities to the military sector, iKey keyboards are designed to endure tough conditions and can be easily disinfected to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. Their rugged construction and ergonomic design make them the perfect choice for environments where safety and durability are top priorities.

For nearly four decades, iKey has been a key player in providing cutting-edge, durable computer peripherals designed for specialized applications. Their range of waterproof keyboards and peripherals are trusted by clients worldwide for their exceptional reliability and hygiene standards, making them the preferred choice for businesses that value performance and cleanliness. You can find a wide selection of iKey products at WetKeys.

For assistance in selecting the right iKey product, or if you need a washable or waterproof keyboard for medical, industrial, or food manufacturing purposes, our sales team is here to help. We provide detailed price quotes, volume discounts, OEM capabilities, and expert guidance to help you choose the perfect product. Custom options include design, size, color, logo, language, cord length, backlighting, and more. Trust us to find the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements. Contact WetKeys today.