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Cleaning Guide for Washable & Waterproof Computer Keyboards and Mice

Cleaning Guide for Waterproof Computer Keyboards and Mice

Don't forget commonly overlooked work surfaces...

Waterproof and washable computer accessories assist in equipment protection, disease prevention and health safety compliance.

If you know how to wash your hands with soap and water, washing your keyboard and mouse can be just as easy - as long as they are waterproof. Keyboards and mice are the dirtiest surfaces you and your colleagues touch and share all day.

"If you wash your hands, shouldn't you wash your keyboard and mouse too?"

Included in this Guide:

  • General Washing Instructions - Spray-Wipe-Spray Method
  • Wash Procedure for Healthcare Facilities - Sanitizing Dip Method
  • Cleaners and Disinfectants to Use
  • Dishwasher Machine Washing (if applicable)
  • Healthcare Environments
  • Food Safety
  • Cautions
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