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Flexible Sealed Silicone Keyboards | Fully Sealed Rubber Keyboards

High-quality washable keyboard that are fully sealed, waterproof, flexible and rated for medical or industrial use. Easy to clean: Spray-Wipe-Spray or dip in disinfectant reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Perfect for personal use or in medical offices, hospitals, food manufacturing, industrial and more.

Uniquely Portable by rolling up for travel or use with a laptop or where hand-hygiene is important. It's so portable, you can "Bring Your Own Clean Keyboard" anywhere you type with liquids, food or dirt - or simply want to avoid germs!

One-Piece Design | Completely Sealed | Soft and Flexible | Spill and Mess-proof | No Gaps or Openings | Silent Keystrokes | Easy to Disinfect | Durable

Need Help Selecting the Right Flexible Sealed Silicone Keyboards?

Need Help Finding a Washable Keyboard or Waterproof Keyboard for Medical, Industrial or Food Manufacturing? Need Help? Our sales team offers detailed price quotes, volume discounts, OEM capabilities and expertise choosing the right products. Custom Options Include: design/applications, size, color, logo, language, cord length, backlighting and more.