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Manufacturing and Industrial Keyboards and Mice

Industrial and manufacturing environments rely on equipment that’s heavy-duty, waterproof, dustproof, works with gloves on and keeps the operator safe.

Down time can be very expensive for any industrial or manufacturing operation. WetKeys Industrial Keyboards and touchpad integrated Keyboards are built to keep working and designed with a permanent keyboard cover to protect the internal electronics, which dramatically extends the life of your equipment. WetKeys-brand waterproof keyboards offer unbeatable value yet hold up to the most demanding industrial computing workstations such as automotive plants, offshore oil platforms, food processing centers, and field computing and outdoor data collection--any environment where the computer equipment is housed in weatherproof enclosures but the keyboards and mice are fully exposed to water, ice, dirt or potentially explosive liquids or gas.

WetKeys heavy-duty, rugged computer peripherals last longer and keep your equipment running in the toughest environments.