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Keyboards with Touchpads | Track Pads | Track Pointers | All-in-One Keyboards

Washable & Waterproof All-in-One Keyboards have integrated Touchpads, Track Pads or Track Pointers. Use a Touchpad Keyboard when you don't have room for a standard computer mouse or if you're more comfortable with a laptop-style keyboard layout.

Pointing Device Keyboards are the easiest way to control a cursor when you don't have room for a mouse. An integrated touchpad in a waterproof keyboard can make your space less cluttered and easier to keep clean and sanitary.

Fully sealed keys, touchpad and silicone case (some models) meet or exceed NEMA4x and IP68 standards to be resistant to dirt, debris and water, so it can easily withstand medical and industrial environments with repeated cleaning procedures.

It's easy to clean & disinfect reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Ideally suited to industrial computing, medical offices, laboratories, mobile carts, wall arms and food processing workstations that often have very limited work surfaces.

Our lowest cost model with built-in touchpad is half the cost of a typical industrial keyboard yet notably higher quality than similar models.

Need Help Selecting the Right All-in-One Keyboards with Touchpads or Track Pointers?

Need Help Finding a Washable Keyboard or Waterproof Keyboard for Medical, Industrial or Food Manufacturing? Need Help? Our sales team offers detailed price quotes, volume discounts, OEM capabilities and expertise choosing the right products. Custom Options Include: design/applications, size, color, logo, language, cord length, backlighting and more.