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  • Germs, Germs Everywhere!

    At WetKeys, we understand the constant fear of hidden germs lurking in everyday objects. Have you ever considered the extent of the bacterial battlefield that your computer keyboard could be? Brace yourself as we explore the grim reality of keyboard germs! Keep reading to learn more, and invest in a SaniType® washable keyboard from WetKeys today!
  • How Washable Keyboards Can Help Prevent the Spread of Illness in Shared Workspaces

    In shared workspaces, where multiple individuals come together to collaborate, the risk of spreading illness is often a concern. We touch many things daily and cross-contaminate them. For instance, you may touch a doorknob, then your coffee cup, and then you spread that to your keyboard and mouse. One effective solution to mitigate the risk of spreading illness is incorporating washable keyboards that can be quickly cleaned and disinfected regularly into these work environments. After all, you wash your hands; why not your keyboard? Keep reading to discover how the use of washable keyboards, like those from WetKeys, can help prevent the spread of illness in shared workspaces.
  • Show Your Tech Some Love: The Ultimate Care With WetKeys

    Valentine's Day is all about showing love and appreciation, and what better way to do that than by caring for the tech devices that make our lives easier? At WetKeys, we believe that love shouldn't be limited to people; it should extend to our trusty washable keyboards and computer mice too. Read on to learn how you can give your tech some TLC with WetKeys products, ensuring their longevity and reliability.
  • Spring Clean Your Office Tech With WetKeys

    This spring, take your office tech cleaning to the next level with WetKeys. With our washable keyboards and mice, cleaning becomes a breeze.