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Our washable SaniType® keyboards from WetKeys are trusted and widely used in various industries. In the medical field, our waterproof keyboards are essential for maintaining a sterile environment. These keyboards can be easily sanitized, helping to prevent cross-contamination and promoting patient safety.

In the food industry, our spill-proof keyboards are a must-have for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. They are designed to withstand approved cleaning agents and can be safely washed in a dishwasher (see our Cleaning Guide for more information). This makes them suitable for use in food processing plants and beverage bottling facilities.

Industrial settings, such as factories and marine maintenance facilities, require durable and resilient keyboards. Our industrial-grade keyboards are fully sealed and resistant to water, dust, and chemicals.

In the education sector, our washable keyboards contribute to a clean learning environment. They are perfect for classrooms where children are prone to spills and accidents. Likewise, office spaces benefit from our spill-proof keyboards, promoting a clean workspace and reducing the risk of bacteria and germs.

No matter the industry, WetKeys provides washable keyboards and accessories that deliver exceptional cleanliness and durability. Trust WetKeys to meet your specific needs and help to ensure a hygienic workspace. Order today for a cleaner and more productive environment.