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The CleanBoard - The REAL medical keyboard

Introducing the New Keywi CleanBoards the safest medical keyboards available. Only 10 seconds to fully disinfect a CleanBoard and it's ready for your next patient - without disconnecting the keyboard from computers or medical devices.

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In hygienically demanding surroundings, all surfaces and objects with which personnel come into contact must be sterile. An antimicrobial foil membrane on a membrane keyboard, like the Keywi CleanBoard and MediBoard, ensures consistent protection against bacterial contamination.

Keywi CleanBoards & CleanMouse are made in Germany by Hoffmann+Krippner:

Hoffmann + Krippner uses a special membrane foil coated in Microban and surrounds it in a completely sealed, beautifully designed exterior housing that is scratch and chemical resistant and withstands common disinfectants. The super flat outer surface of the keyboard is splash-proof according to IP 65 [NEMA 4X] standards, making it quick and easy to clean - an important factor in busy hospital environments. The Keywi CleanBoard and MediBoard have individually domed keys, creating excellent tactile response even with gloved hands, and an optional integrated mouse pad (touchpad).
Hoffmann + Krippner's confidence in the antimicrobial technology is evidenced by the fact that they offer a 10-year warranty on the antimicrobial effect of the Keywi CleanBoard and MediBoard.

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