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Food Manufacturing & Food Safety Compliance

Every stage of your industry is focused on Cleanliness and Sanitation – Keyboards must be Waterproof and Washable.

Sealed, washable computer keyboards increase facility cleanliness and help maintain sanitary conditions for leading food and beverage brands. WetKeys and SaniType brand keyboard and mouse sets or touchpad keyboards at food processing workstations protects nearly every major food brand in North America from costly product recalls and negative press related to foodborne illness outbreaks that can cost you millions.

“We work in environments full of grease, oil, flour, dough and a variety of other materials that find their way into the smallest corners and cracks around our facility. WetKeys washable keyboards are just what we need to keep us in compliance with BRC – Global Standards for Food Safety and our host of other audits. You can literally dump them in a bucket of water for cleaning, and they still work perfectly.” - Environmental Safety and Security Director for Bailey Street Bakery / Flowers Foods

WetKeys & SaniType features and benefits include:

  • Easy to Disinfect
  • Completely Sealed
  • Highly Durable
  • Low Cost to Implement