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Dive into WetKeys' collection of computer mouse features and accessories to elevate your workstation. Our selection of washable mouse pads provides a hygienic computing experience. Our antimicrobial pads provide a clean surface for smooth scrolling and precise navigation. Elevate your workspace with our range of washable mouse pads designed for comfort and durability. Whether you need a standard size or a custom fit, we offer options to suit your preferences. Keep your workstation clean and efficient with our practical and easy-to-clean mouse pads. Explore our collection today and enhance your computing setup with Washable Mouse Pads from WetKeys.

If you need assistance in selecting the right mouse pad and accessories for a washable or waterproof keyboard for medical, industrial, or food manufacturing purposes, our sales team is here to help. We provide detailed price quotes, volume discounts, OEM capabilities, and expert guidance to help you choose the perfect product. Custom options include design, size, color, logo, language, cord length, backlighting, and more. Trust us to find the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements. Contact WetKeys today.