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WetKeys Washable Keyboards Chooses

Online comparison shopping service to increase awareness of washable and sanitary computer keyboard and mouse products

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WetKeys Washable Keyboards Press Release Start Professional QuoteOffering our products to 26 million registered users on is an important step in WetKeys mission of protecting your health and safety.WetKeys Washable Keyboards Press Release End Professional Quote

said David Malo, WetKeys chief operating officer

Atlanta, GA (WetKeys) (5.4), a leading manufacturer and online retailer of washable computer keyboards, has chosen, a leading online comparison shopping service, to increase awareness of its washable and sanitary computer keyboard and mouse products.

Wider awareness of studies from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and other international health agencies linking virus and bacterial outbreaks directly to dirty, contaminated keyboards has increased demand for cleanable computer keyboards and mice among business users and consumers alike.

"Our sanitary typing products are already in high demand among healthcare providers and institutional users," said David Malo, WetKeys chief operating officer. "Offering our products to 26 million registered users on is an important step in WetKeys mission of protecting your health and safety." Working with allows the washable keyboard and mouse manufacturer to quickly increase its accessibility to all computer users and further demonstrate why it has become the preferred brand for sanitary computer keyboards, mice and related accessories.

"In evaluating online comparison shopping sites, stood out as a leader in comparison shopping search," said Paul Lawrence, WetKeys director of design and marketing. "Integrating with allows WetKeys to offer superior waterproof keyboards and other washable computer accessories to everyone who understands how dirty and unsafe ordinary keyboards can be. Smart comparison shoppers will be able to identify our key benefits of superior quality and affordable pricing with the widest selection of styles available anywhere - all from one source. It's the next step in our `Hygiene For All' campaign to reduce the spread of illness and disease for everyone." makes it easier for customers to compare WetKeys products with other washable keyboard and mouse brands, further showcasing the WetKeys differentiators of superior proprietary design, high quality materials, same-day order processing, exceptional value and long-term durability.

WetKeys washable keyboards and other products are:
  • Easy to Clean and Disinfect
  • Spill & Food-proof
  • Kitchen, Kid & Workshop Capable
  • Priced the Same as or Less than Ordinary Keyboards

About WetKeys: is a leading manufacturer and online retailer of fully washable, easy to disinfect computer keyboards and mice. Its primary mission is protecting your health and safety by providing easy-to-sanitize data entry products that are used throughout healthcare facilities and food processing plants to halt the spread of disease. offers the widest selection of completely sealed, washable keyboards and computer mice designed to withstand heavy-duty use in medical offices, labs, and food safety applications. WetKeys products are completely spill-proof, germ-resistant, and food, dust and contaminant proof. With WetKeys washables, anyone can replace an ordinary (unsanitary) keyboard and mouse - the things that collect dirt and germs all day - to maintain a healthier workspace and reduce the spread of germs and illness. WetKeys products have been featured on CNBC, NBC and Fox News and have been called "brilliant ideas, great products and `Top 10 Tech Gifts' for 2008".

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