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WetKeys Launches SaniType Line of Computer Keyboards That Emphasize the Importance of Sanitary Typing

New hygienic computer keyboards feature the prominent reminder "Sanitize for Protection" to increase environmental surface hand hygiene compliance in medical and food processing environments.

SaniType for Sanitary Typing Medical Hygienic Computer Keyboards KBSTRC106T-W and KBSTFC106-W

SaniType Medical Keyboard with Touchpad KBSTRC106T-W

WetKeys Washable Keyboards Press Release Start Professional Quote"It's very easy to forget that a computer keyboard is typically dirtier than your hands if not washed just as frequently." WetKeys Washable Keyboards Press Release End Professional Quote

Atlanta, GA (WetKeys) October 29, 2015

ATLANTA - WetKeys Washable Keyboards (, the company that offers easy-to-sanitize, sealed computer keyboards and mice, today launched the new SaniType line of hygienic computer keyboards specifically designed for the healthcare and food processing markets (models KBSTFC106-W and KBSTRC106T-W). The new keyboards are the first to feature the bold reminder "Sanitize for Protection" printed on the face helping users remember to take action and sanitize the keyboard between patients, users or even food production batches to help prevent the spread of disease through cross-contamination of touch and other commonly used environmental surfaces.

Proper hand hygiene requires frequent, thorough washing of hands but must also include sanitizing all touch surfaces, which are often overlooked, to reduce the spread of germs. Computer users in medical environments unknowingly transmit contagions from dirty computer keyboards to other tools and even to patients. For example, a University of North Carolina Research study revealed that up to 25 percent of hospital keyboards are contaminated with the "Superbug" MRSA, a strain of staph bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Daily disinfecting of computer keyboards can reduce risk of cross-contamination, but disinfecting keyboards before each use can be far more effective. Where most keyboards are not designed for frequent cleaning with disinfectants, SaniType keyboards are completely sealed, washable, and made from materials that do not contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria yet withstand constant exposure to hospital-grade disinfectants.

The new SaniType line of medical computer keyboards from WetKeys are essential to maintain clean and sanitary environments where cross-contamination might sicken the patient or contaminate the food supply, potentially sickening thousands. Using ordinary antimicrobial cleansers to kill germs and prevent the spread of disease in food processing or medical computing - Sanitary Typing - is as easy as "Spray-Wipe-Spray."

"It's very easy to forget that a computer keyboard is typically dirtier than your hands if not washed just as frequently," stated David Malo, Chief Technology Officer of WetKeys. "We all need a reminder to take action and 'Sanitize for Protection' before each use or you're taking a chance that the previous user of the keyboard properly sanitized it when finished and left it medically clean - highly unlikely."

SaniType style medical keyboards, mice and touch pads can be washed or immersed in hospital grade disinfectants, 10% Clorox solution or soap and warm water. Key attributes Medical IT and Infection Control Professionals should look for when choosing a sanitary keyboard:

  • Prominent reminder to "Sanitize for Protection" before each use
  • Fully Sealed Exterior - eliminates gaps for organic matter, germs and liquids to hide
  • White or Light Material Color - helps visually identify dirt and debris accumulation
  • Smooth Coating - easy to use with gloves, liquids roll off and wipe clean with less residue
  • Chemical Resistance - allows regular use of disinfection and antibacterial agents
  • Integrated touchpad - reduces the need for a separate mouse and extra surface area

SaniType hygienic computer keyboards are the latest addition to a complete line of infection prevention tools including waterproof, washable keyboards, mice and touchpads designed specifically for tough computing environments such as operating rooms, nurse stations, dental offices and labs as well as food service, industrial computing or even every-day home or office use. WetKeys also offers a complete line of computer peripherals, wireless computer mice, trackballs, handheld device covers, and keyboard drape material that help prevent the spread of disease through better hygiene.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 30, 2015


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