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WetKeys Washable Keyboards Unveils their Newest Waterproof Computer Mouse, the OMWKABS04-BK, a Familiar-looking ABS Optical Mouse with Scroll Wheel that is Washable and Waterproof

As companies get back to business, they are looking for cost-effective ways to help protect their staff and customers. The new ABS optical mouse from WetKeys combines with ABS plastic keyboard to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in call centers, schools, libraries, offices, and homes as well as healthcare sector admin areas.

WetKeys Washable Keyboards has unveiled the long-awaited companion mouse to the popular WetKeys ABS plastic keyboard ( KBWKABS104-BK); the OMWKABS04-BK is an ABS optical mouse with a scroll wheel that is washable and waterproof. “Our new ABS 04 optical mouse is unlike anything we have released before. We put great effort into providing a mouse that looks and feels familiar but is completely washable and sanitizable. It completes the WetKeys product line by expanding the usability of our products across various industries. We have mice for everyone – even those wearing medium-heavy gloves, rubber gloves and every-day users,” said Clay Schoessler, Technical Sales Associate for WetKeys, while announcing the new product.

Research shows that high-touch environmental surfaces like doorknobs, railings, mobile phones, computer keyboard & mice are commonly overlooked in cleaning protocols. So much so that a typical computer mouse has 1600 bacteria per square inch. Traditional mice begin to fail after they are exposed to water and the required cleaning solutions to properly disinfect and sanitize computer peripherals. The new waterproof mouse is set to provide a safe way to work. This keyboard and mouse pair, along with many other WetKeys products, can be washed in a sink.

WetKeys Washable Keyboards, the leading retailer for washable computer peripherals for over ten years, has a catalog of two hundred different keyboards and mice. They provide solutions for every industry and use case. WetKeys offers wireless keyboards and mice designed to endure harsh environments - and even dishwasher-safe cordless mouse and keyboard sets that can be carried to the sink. The NEMA & IP66/IP67/IP68 rated industrial keyboards and mice are perfect for use in call centers, schools, libraries and promote safety by making sanitation easy.

Ease of use and easy to clean, according to the company representative, are the goals for adding the new product into the fold of the WetKeys’ catalog. With the new ABS optical mouse with a scroll wheel that is washable and waterproof, users can expect it will last and can be easily sanitized to promote the safety and health of the users. The professional-grade, sealed ABS optical mouse can be cleaned with almost any antibacterial solution or soap and water to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs between users, patients, or shifts.

David Malo, WetKeys Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer says that the company’s products provide an opportunity for fervent facility managers who want to make their buildings more COVID-free. “With our newest waterproof mouse, the ABS 04 optical mouse, we build upon that mission to provide quality equipment for safer work environments.”

The OMWKABS04-BK is a compact, lightweight, ABS plastic, internally sealed mouse that is washable and waterproof. It is resistant to dirt, debris, water, soap, and other disinfectants. It is designed to withstand repeated cleanings in dusty, dirty, and damp environments that would otherwise ruin a regular computer mouse. It features left and right buttons with a scroll wheel for convenient scrolling. The familiar look and feel of this mouse make it a perfect replacement for any mouse.

About WetKeys

WetKeys® Washable Keyboards was created with a focus on function for institutional, industrial, food processing, and general use with easy-to-sanitize computer peripherals. Later SaniType®, for “Sanitary Typing” created affordable, germ-resistant medical keyboards to help prevent cross-contamination in hospitals and improve patient safety when used throughout healthcare facilities and dental offices.

With our newest waterproof mouse, the ABS 04 optical mouse, we build upon our mission to provide quality equipment for safer work environments.
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