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WetKeys Launches New Dishwasher Safe Clean Wipe Waterproof Chiclet Keyboard

A new waterproof computer keyboard design is now available from WetKeys Washable Keyboards. The new washable keyboard features popular Chiclet-style keys and includes a removable silicone keyboard cover designed for medical and dental offices where the spray-wipe-spray method of rapid disinfection saves time and helps prevent cross-contamination leading to Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Clean Wipe Medical Grade Chiclet Keyboard Bluetooth, Waterproof, Antimicrobial - SSKSV099 and SSKSV099BT

Clean Wipe Medical Grade
Chiclet Keyboard

WetKeys Washable Keyboards Press Release Start Professional Quote"The innovative fitted silicone keyboard cover prevents dirt and liquids from even reaching the keys so it's incredibly easy to keep clean and sanitary when used in medical and dental offices," explained Paul Lawrence, CEO of WetKeys.WetKeys Washable Keyboards Press Release End Professional Quote

Atlanta, GA (WetKeys) April 24, 2014

WetKeys Washable Keyboards announces the availability of the revolutionary waterproof computer keyboard from Seal Shield, available as a Bluetooth wireless keyboard or traditional USB wired configuration. Called the "Clean Wipe Medical Grade Chiclet Keyboard", it features a thin, flat design that's remarkably comfortable to use, light weight at only 9 oz. (255 g) and includes a reusable fitted silicone keyboard cover to keep the keys medically clean when needed, yet doesn’t interfere with accurate data entry.

“This new Bluetooth® keyboard feels a lot like my favorite Sony® & Apple® “Chiclet” style wireless keyboards, but it’s spill-proof and dishwasher safe which makes it a great keyboard for the kitchen at home or restaurants and bars where food and beverages are served. The innovative fitted silicone keyboard cover prevents dirt and liquids from even reaching the keys so it’s incredibly easy to keep clean and sanitary when used in medical and dental offices,” explained Paul Lawrence, CEO of WetKeys. “It looks like Seal Shield has designed a real home run with their new SSKSV099 model lineup, and they’ve priced them between $69 - $99 so we expect them to be very popular with our medical customers as well as consumers.”

Waterproof keyboards and mice are now available in so many different styles, shapes and sizes that the offering available through WetKeys totals more than 300 unique models ranging from the typical Logitech keyboard to flexible keyboards and heavy duty silicone industrial keyboards. WetKeys keyboards and mice are used in food processing plants, hospitals, operating rooms and other clean rooms designed to prevent the spread of disease, or the contamination of medicines at pharmaceutical companies, and to maintain food safety in large scale food production plants.

This new “Clean Wipe Medical Grade Chiclet Keyboard” model fills a niche where the user is accustomed to effortless high-speed typing on a keyboard with excellent tactile feedback and can appreciate the added benefits of being spill-proof, washable, antimicrobial, dishwasher safe and, due to its thin profile, an excellent portable keyboard.

The Bluetooth wireless version (model SSKSV099BT) has an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery that charges from any computer's USB port via the removable cable. The port and power switch are kept watertight with an attached Seal Cap that allows the unit to be fully immersed in hospital grade disinfecting solutions for thorough cleaning and rinsing with water.

Both models are made using Seal Shield's proprietary Silver Seal antimicrobial plastic which contains an antimicrobial, fungistatic agent that protects the product and, more importantly, its user. The antimicrobial plastic keeps the keyboard cleaner, greener and fresher by inhibiting the growth of microbial bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi on the product's surface.

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About Seal Shield:
Seal Shield is a world leader in infection control technology, specializing in washable electronics and antimicrobial science. Seal Shield designs, develops and manufactures medical grade, infection prevention technology for hospitals and the home, including waterproof keyboards, mice, TV remotes and protection products for smart phones and tablets. In addition to the healthcare market, Seal Shield has product applications in food service, hospitality, education, libraries, heavy industry, construction, call centers and other multi-user environments.

Founded in 2006, Seal Shield, LLC has rapidly become the world leader in infection prevention technology. The need for cost effective infection control products and services has become the paramount issue for hospitals in the US and abroad. For more information please visit

Atlanta, GA (PRweb) April 24, 2014

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