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About SaniType Rated Washable Keyboards and Mice

Keyboards and mice are some of the most commonly overlooked environment surfaces. You wash your hands, why not your keyboard?

Computers in hospitals and food service require hygienic washable keyboards, mice and touchpads that can be disinfected and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination. An ordinary keyboard can harbor dangerous germs; keyboard covers are difficult to use without entering errors.

SaniType style medical keyboards, mice and touch pads can be washed or immersed in hospital grade disinfectants, 10% Clorox solution or soap and warm water. Key attributes Medical IT and Infection Control Professionals look for when choosing a sanitary keyboard:

  • Fully Sealed Exterior - reduces gaps for organic matter, germs and liquids to enter
  • Smooth Coating - easy to use with gloves, liquids roll off and wipe clean with less residue
  • Chemical Resistance - allows regular use of disinfection and antibacterial agents
  • Integrated touchpad - reduces the need for a separate mouse and extra surface area
  • Light Material Color - helps visually identify dirt and debris accumulation