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COVID-19: Inventory, Lead Time and Best Practices

Your WetKeys team is working diligently to provide essential safety equipment for medical professionals and other heroes in the food supply chain. We will continue doing our very best to solve your needs and help protect us all from the spread of disease so everyone can return to work with greater confidence and improved environmental hygiene. Actions we’ve implemented include:

Increasing Inventory:
Far higher than normal demand has caused us to anticipate a growing need for sanitary keyboards and mice. We’re working with our suppliers to ensure we’re fully stocked to meet our customers’ needs.

Extended Lead Times:
Many shipping services are experiencing delays and other difficulties. Our Customer Service team can help you navigate your options to ensure your products arrive as quickly as possible. Be sure to enter your correct delivery address and note if there are any special receiving hours or other changes at your facility.

Staying Current with Best Practices:
Our WetKeys team is staying up to date on the constantly developing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and other known pathogens. We can help find the right products and ensure the best solution for your work environment.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Each day we are working to fulfill the needs of all our customers. We appreciate the opportunity to help you stay well.