The ability to have a demo product and allow staff to review the devices was awesome in how our selection process was completed. We love the new keyboards and their durability. Our purchase has had a direct effect on containing and minimizing the risk with COVID. We are very happy with our decision.
Public Safety
Products have been great and glad I found this company and purchased your products, so convenient to use and keep our work areas clean and free from germs. Quality of product is great as well.
Great products, great service, and most items ship very quickly!


WetKeys & SaniType provide 100% waterproof, washable computer keyboards that help prevent cross contamination in medical offices and healthcare facilities, industrial computing, at the office, and even at home where a spill-proof keyboard and mouse can be very handy. Our selection of NEMA & IP66/IP67/IP68 rated industrial keyboards and mice are perfect for use as medical keyboards in hospitals and dental operatories and promote patient safety by making "spray-wipe-spray" sanitation easy. We also offer wireless keyboards and mouse options designed to endure harsh environments - and even dishwasher-safe cordless mouse and keyboard sets you can carry to the sink to wash if needed. Fully sealed silicone keyboards and mice round out our waterproof keyboard and mouse selection - designed to perform reliably in food processing plants, Coca Cola beverage bottling plants, and even in U.S. Naval marine maintenance facilities.

With our washable keyboards, you no longer have to worry about spills, dirt, or germs compromising your typing experience. Our spill-proof keyboards feature a sealed, washable surface that can be easily cleaned with water and disinfectants, ensuring a clean and safe workspace.

In addition to keyboards, WetKeys also offers washable mice, touchpads, and other peripherals that are equally easy to clean and maintain. These online computer accessories are perfect for healthcare facilities, food processing plants, schools, offices, and other environments where cleanliness is paramount.

At WetKeys, we believe that everyone deserves a clean and hygienic workspace. That's why we are dedicated to providing high-quality washable computer keyboards, mice, and more that meet the highest standards of cleanliness and durability. Trust WetKeys to deliver the cleanliness and hygiene you need in your workspace. Order today.

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