Adesso is a worldwide manufacturer & distributor of Input devices & I/O Accessories. Such as Keyboards, Mice, Touchpad's, Touchpad Keyboards, USB I/O devices since 1992.

Headquartered in Walnut, California, USA. Adesso is on its way to become the leading computer Input specialist supplier for travel, presentations, kiosks, P.O.S., Industrial PC and workstation users.


Adesso is committed to dedicate all of its efforts in providing high quality Input Devices & I/O Accessories at the most competitive Quality, Performance & price.

All of its products are the result of extensive research and dedication, which brings innovative ideas, Ergonomic & integrative technology, and the performance to meet most of the industry's highest demands.


Adesso is active in developing new and innovative products. We use today's advanced technology from Apple, Microsoft, Cirque Glidepoint Technology ...etc. to ensure us to keep in the leading position of Input devices industry.

As a partner of worldwide research and development companies, Adesso is able to bring new products & Control the most efficiency cost to the market in the most real time. This means that Adesso has the flexibility to develop from market trends.